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  • Mikai McDermott

    Mikai McDermott

    Interested in beauty capital and postfeminism, caribbean women’s history and black british women’s history

  • Marley K.

    Marley K.

    I live to make White Supremacy unhappy. Racism isn’t nice, so don’t expect nice here. Buy Merch | www.marleyisms.com/merch | Follow me on Twitter | @MarleyK20 |

  • Melinda Blount

    Melinda Blount

  • Patricia James

    Patricia James

  • John Petito

    John Petito

    dad, teacher, cook

  • Paul Charles

    Paul Charles

  • David Zhang

    David Zhang

    Home chef, business consultant, world traveler, life scholar, cat toilet trainer, and now a software engineer

  • Kara Galarza

    Kara Galarza

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