I don’t typically like to post pictures I take or share stories that here from work but today this really struck me in so many different ways. So please meet Ms. Diane. We took our artist Lanre to meet her today and we discussed the effects of trauma, grief, death, and more that play out in the communities in North Philly. From seeing her own family members die in front of her eyes to seeing so many murdered right in front of her house from gun violence, it shocked me that she was willing to open up to us.

Ms. Diane is the rock to so many others in helping them cope. She takes care of their kids when someone has been shot or sent to jail. She talks to government officials and community organizers about the actions that THEY are, or rather are NOT doing that furthers the hurt, struggle, and grief that persists in her community. I was so lucky to meet her today. Blessed to be able to share this moment and story as well. I witnessed her magic today and absorbed only a fraction of her wisdom. And for that, I am truly grateful.

“Our grief is real. We are still people.” -Words shared by Ms. Diane and Ms. Kitty (a snippet of her is in the corner)

Artist and Curator